About Us

D.C. native and Emory University grad, Brittany Lee, thought up the idea behind Fembodied while desperately searching for the good in being back at home. Well really, she was back at her husband’s childhood home, in Maryland (during winter), as a twenty-something where she’d spent many summer days as a teen years ago.

And she was exhausted.

Taking care of home, child and hubby – whose career was on the slopes – was difficult enough, and now Brittany was facing health challenges. At this point, she considered the in-law’s to be a sort of vacay minus the beach and sunshine.

Obviously, she was starting to unravel.

After some self-reflection and much needed soul work, Britt realized she wasn’t investing in herself enough in the form of what she calls “dynamic self-care.” She wasn’t checking her mental and emotional thermostat very often, which led to an emotional implosion and physical crash. What’s worse is that she knew this was the norm for women, many of whom operated in the same often selfless, yet reckless way – ignoring their need for a timeout and intentional self-love.

Fembodied is here to help busy women relax and find a peaceful balance of the mind, body & spirit while continuing to pursue and care for the things we love. We’re a community assisting superwomen achieve a more consistent state of Zen with tips, tools, and (coming soon!) products to lighten the spiritual load brought on by stress.

Our end goal: Reduce stress and promote inner peace one boss babe, corporate queen and exhausted mom at a time.

Oh yeah, Britt eventually found her way out of the snowy misery back to her beloved home in Atlanta with her hubby, daughter, and Havanese puppy. She enjoys trying new pampering products, movie time with her family, and empowering women to manage stress & anxiety from the inside out.