New Rules: Tag 2, You’re In! Plus a Peek Inside the LOA Planner

The Law of Attraction is simple. We attract whatever it is we focus on. Good or bad.

And it’s a lot easier to focus on what matters when we have control of our thoughts and are on the right emotional vibration. Doing so will empower us to take positive and powerful ACTION in manifesting our dreams.

No magic pills here. It’s science.

Research shows 80% of success is due to psychology – mindset, beliefs and emotions – while 20% is strategy. When’s the last time you evaluated the quality of your thoughts? Are they setting you up for abundance and joy, stagnation or worse?

Winner will be announced LIVE on IG at 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST Sunday, June 4th! Follow @be.fembodied on Instagram and tag two goal-getter ladies to enter.

With love & light,

Britt & Samira