What Does Self-Care Mean to You?

“A woman in sync with her power can change the world.” – Shikoba

We hear the terms “self-care” and “wellness” being tossed around a lot lately. But what is self-care really, and more importantly, how are you practicing it?

At Fembodied, we know that the super woman’s grind is precious and believe practicing self-care involves way more than taking baths. Don’t get it twisted – we love our bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs, and bath teas. However, we understand as two women with crazy schedules filled to the rim with [too many damn] responsibilities, the struggle to take care of ourselves is real. We get that one day you may need that relaxing bath while the next you may need a life coach to help get you out of bed and the day after that, a therapist to remind you to “keep calm – punching your boss in the face is heavily looked down upon by law enforcement.”

We have a lot on our plates from just staying afloat and making sure the bills get paid to finding the energy and time to chase the dream. We have a lot to live up to walking that fine line between martyrdom in self-sacrificing for the needs of others almost endlessly, and being “selfish” in having the nerve to partake in a little self-love.

Self-care and wellness involve healing, growth, and reward. Embracing our strength, our vision and our sisters. Knowing that we don’t have to take the backseat, that we are entitled to some personal autonomy and an identity separate from the roles we play in the lives of others, or even expectations placed on us. Knowing that we have the right to decompress, break free from mental limitations, build our dreams, and grow into the queens & #bossbabes we were meant to be.

So, while we respect the hustle of corporations claiming to be about that female self-care life, retail therapy centered on semi-toxic flowery scented bubble baths which will leave us smelling just a tad better (maybe) ain’t gonna cut it. If you’re going to spend the money, ladies, we say at least get some good stuff. Let’s throw some soul-work and dream-chasing in with your body butta, baby. *wink*

Our goal is to get you some much-deserved pampering and inspiration to strive for your goals with confidence in your feminine power to help create the you and the life you want. We’ll literally deliver this magic to your doorstep monthly, exposing you to some amazing businesses and products catering to the female mind, body, and spirit along the way. This is the objective of Fembodied. And to show you we aren’t with the games, we’re doing a giveaway each month leading up to the launch of our first Fembodied box. Like, we’re giving away amazing products. For free.

Starting….. NOW!

Britt & Samira